Method for producing a dielectric and/or barrier layer or multilayer on a substrate and device for implementing said method (PCT/ES2013/000264)

The invention relates to a method for producing dielectric and/or barrier layers on a substrate, characterised in that it comprises the following steps: (a) cleaning substrates, (b) placing the substrate in a sample carrier and introducing same into a vacuum chamber, (c) dosing an inert gas and a reactive gas into said vacuum chamber, (d) injecting, into said vacuum chamber, a volatile precursor that has at least one cation of the compound to be deposited, (e) activating a radiofrequency source and activating at least one magnetron, (f) decomposition of the volatile precursor by plasma, producing the reaction between the cation of the volatile precursor and the reactive gas at the same time as the reaction is produced between the reactive gas contained in the plasma with the cation generated from the target by cathode sputtering, thereby generating the deposition of the film on the substrate. The invention also relates to the device for carrying out said method.
Method for Producing a Dielectric and/or Barrier Layer or Multilayer on a Substrate and Device for Implementing Said Method (2013)