V.J. Rico, F. Frutos, F. Yubero, J.P. Espinós, A.R. González-Elipe
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A, 28 (2010) 127-134
doi: 10.1116/1.3273597

InTaO4InTaO4 and In0.9Ni0.1TaO4In0.9Ni0.1TaO4thin films have been prepared by electron evaporation of successive layers of the single oxide components and posterior annealing at T>800°CT>800°C. The annealedthin films presented the monoclinic crystallographic structure typical of these mixed oxides. The electrical and optical behaviors of the films, assessed by CVC-V measurements, surface conductivity as a function of temperature, and UV-vis absorption spectroscopy, indicate that these oxides are wide band gap semiconductors with a variable dielectric constant depending on the annealing conditions. By reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy some electronic states have been found in the gap at an energy that is compatible with the activation energy deduced from the conductivity versus 1T1∕T plots for these oxides. The photoactivity of these materials has been assessed by looking to the evolution of the wetting contact angle as a function of the irradiation time. All the films became superhydrophilic when irradiated with UV light, while the In0.9Ni0.1TaO4In0.9Ni0.1TaO4thin films also presented a small partial decrease in wetting angle when irradiated with visible photons.

Synthesis, characterization, and photoactivity of InTaO4InTaO4 and In0.9Ni0.1TaO4In0.9Ni0.1TaO4 thin films prepared by electron evaporation