J. Flores, A. Bustamante, J. Feijoo, J.C. Gonzalez, D. Sánchez, G.R.C. Cernicchiario
Physics Procedia, 36 (2012) 576-581
doi: 10.1016/j.phpro.2012.06.087

A structural study of the incorporation of Pr-ion into the Y-site was realized in polycrystalline samples of (Y1-xPrx)Ba2Cu3O7 through of Rietveld analysis of X-ray diffraction patterns, bond valence method and electronic density diagrams. The crystalline structure stabilized into orthorhombic phase (Pmmm) for x=0, but the unit cell increases its symmetry by doping the Y-site and stabilizing into a tetragonal phase (P4/mmm) for x=0.5. Moreover, the structural results obtained were correlated with the magnetization measurements, where the Tc decreased from 90K (x=0.0) to 49K (x=0.3). The oxygen content in the compounds was checked by means of μ-Raman spectroscopy, observing the frequency position of O(4)-Ag phonon mode.

Synthesis and Rietveld Refinement of (Y1-xPrx)Ba2Cu3O7 Compound
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