S. Tougaard, F. Yubero
Surface and Interface Analysis, 44 (2012) 1114-1118
doi: 10.1002/sia.4855

We report on a new software package that allows to calculate the energy loss processes in a photo- and Auger electron spectrum. The calculations are performed within our previously published semiclassical dielectric response model. The model takes into account energy loss, which takes place because of the sudden creation of the static core hole and as the photoelectron travels in the bulk, passes the surface region and continues in the vacuum where it interacts with its image charge before it ends up in the electron spectrometer. It is a one-step model, which includes interference effects between these excitations. The only input in the calculations is the dielectric function of the material. We discuss the capabilities of the software and illustrate some examples of its practical application, including comparison with experimental spectra. We hope the software will be useful for the investigations of fundamental excitation mechanisms in XPS and AES. The software is free for noncommercial use.

Software package to calculate the effects of the core hole and surface excitations on XPS and AES
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