J.L. Hueso, A. Caballero, J. Cotrino, A.R. González-Elipe
Catalysis Communications, 9 (2007) 1739-1742
doi: 10.1016/j.catcom.2007.02.001

The removal of CH4 (3600 ppm) with O2 (3 × 104 ppm) in mixtures with Ar or N2 as carrier gas has been studied in a plasma-catalyst system. The plasma yields CO plus H2O as majority products. A small extra oxidation to CO2 is found at 338 K when a catalyst (SiO2or La1−xSrxCoO3−d (x = 0.5) perovskite) is placed in the glow zone of the plasma. With the perovskite, the oxidation efficiency to CO2 increased with temperature up to 90% at 453 K. This result supports that this lanthanum substituted cobaltite further activates the plasma species producing a synergetic effect where the specific surface area is not a critical factor as previously reported in the literature.

Plasma catalysis over lanthanum substituted perovskites
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