L. Kover, M. Novak, S. Egri, I. Cserny, Z. Berenyi, J. Toth, D. Varga, W. Drube, F. Yubero, S. Tougaard, W.S.M. Werner
Surface and Interface Analysis, 38 (2006) 569-573
doi: 10.1002/sia.2134

In the quantitative analysis of buried interfaces or the exploration of local electronic structures around component atoms in bulk solids, spectroscopy of transitions in the deep atomic core has an increasingly significant role to play. A key issue in understanding the deep core photoelectron spectra is the identification and separation of the contributions that are attributable to different excitations leading to loss of energy of the emitted photoelectrons. In this work, Ge 1s and 2s photoelectron spectra are analyzed using various models to interpret the measured spectral shapes. A detailed comparison of the results derived from the different approaches is presented.

Intrinsic and extrinsic excitations in deep core photoelectron spectra of solid Ge