A. Borrás, J.R. Sánchez-Valencia, R. Widmer, V.J. Rico, A. Justo, A.R. González-Elipe
Crystal Growth & Design, 9 (2009) 2868-2876
doi: 10.1021/cg9001779


TiO2 thin films in the form of anatase have been prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) at 523 K as the substrate temperature and a low working pressure. The study of the microstructure and texture of the films at different stages of deposition show that their growth follows the Kolmogorov’s model developed to describe the evolution of crystalline films from a saturated homogeneous medium. An additional characteristic feature of the growth process by PECVD is the formation of different crystalline domains, particularly at low deposition rates. The effects of this parameter and of the characteristics of the substrate on the growing process are also addressed.

Growth of Crystalline TiO2 by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition