Francisco J. Aparicio, María Alcaire, Agustín R. González-Elipe, Angel Barranco,Miguel Holgado, Rafael Casquel, Francisco J. Sanza, Amadeu Griol, Damien Bernier, Fabian Dortu, Santiago Cáceres, Mikael
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 228 (2016) 649-657
doi: 10.1016/j.snb.2016.01.092

We report on dye-based photonic sensing systems which are fabricated and packaged at wafer scale. For the first time luminescent organic nanocomposite thin-films deposited by plasma technology are integrated in photonic sensing systems as active sensing elements. The realized dye-based photonic sensors include an environmental NO2 sensor and a sunlight ultraviolet light (UV) A + B sensor. The luminescent signal from the nanocomposite thin-films responds to changes in the environment and is selectively filtered by a photonic structure consisting of a Fabry–Perot cavity. The sensors are fabricated and packaged at wafer-scale, which makes the technology viable for volume manufacturing. Prototype photonic sensor systems have been tested in real-world scenarios.


Dye-based photonic sensing systems