Financial source: Junta de Andalucía



Principal Investigator: Francisco Javier Aparicio

01-01-2022 / 01-06-2023

Research team: Francisco Javier Aparicio, Ana Isabel Borrás y Lidia Contreras

Due to its physical and mechanical characteristics, current flexible electronic device technology combines thin-film organic transistors with 2D conductors or is based on coaxial architectures that use 1D conductors such as carbon nanotubes and nanowires as electrodes. In this context, the project pursues the development of plasma deposition processes for the synthesis of dielectric materials. Given the versatility of the proposed deposition technique, high and low permittivity dielectric materials will be synthesized to optimize the performance and stability of the flexible transistors that are manufactured. In addition, it is a dry process (absence of solvents) and at room temperature, which ensures its complete

New generation of conformal dielectric nanocoatings for emerging electronic devices by plasma technology