minecof_7Financial source:
Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad
Code: RECUPERA2020 – 1.4.1

Research head:
Agustín R. González-Elipe

2-12-2013 / 31-12-2015

Research group:
Juan Pedro Espinós Manzorro, José Cotrnio Bautista, Francisco Yubero Valencia, Alberto Palmero Acebedo, Angel Barranco Quero, Ana I. Borrás Martos, Victor J. Rico Gavira, Rafael Alvarez Molina, Pedro Angel Salazar Carballo

The objective of this Project is the development of new integrated and robust micro/nano- fluidic systems that enable the reliable incorporation of control tests, sensorization and rapid analysis of agrofood products, mainly liquids or soluble. The technology to be developed should be applied to final products, as well as during their different elaboration steps. IN particular, a niche of application that will be directly addressed in the project is the control of fermentation process with the development of new integrated fluidic transductors that permit the quantitative detection of glucose and/or other sugars by means of electrochemical and photonic developments integrated in microfluidic and similar devices.

Microfluidic integrated sensors for the control of fermentation
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