Financial source: Junta de Andalucía

Code: EMERGIA20_00346


Principal Investigator: Francisco Javier Aparicio

01-09-2021 / 01-08-2025

Research team: Triana Czermak

Due to its physical and mechanical characteristics, the emerging technology of flexible electronic devices combines multilayer structures of flexible thin films, 2D nanomaterials, or 1D nanoconductors, such as carbon nanotubes and nanowires. However, these present different limitations related to their degradation against environmental agents and incompatibility with the conventional manufacturing techniques. FLEXDIELEC pursues the development of a new generation of dielectric materials for the development of advanced flexible electronic devices, overcoming these limitations. To this end, a pioneering remote plasma technique will be used, developed by the IP, which regulates the composition and properties of functional organic nanocomposites over a wide range, will be used. This is a dry and room temperature method that ensures complete compatibility with sensitive substrates, such as those with high prospects for implementation in the field of flexible electronics (polymeric materials, fabrics , paper, 2D nanomaterials, organic nanofibers…).

Dielectric Nanocoatings for Flexible Electronic Devices by Plasma Technology