juntafi_19Financial source:
Junta de Andalucía
Code: P12-FQM-2265 (Proyecto de Excelencia)

Research head:
José Cotrino Bautista

30-01-2014 / 29-01-2017

Research group:
Francisco José García García, Jorge Gil Rostra, Richard M. Lambert, Manuel Macías Montero, Alberto Palmero Acebedo, Victor Rico Gavira

This research project aims first the study of different unknown basic aspects of the construction of the dielectric barrier discharge, better design conditions for: barrier electrodes, the design of the metallic electrodes and dielectrics and to know the best working conditions (size and operation frequency) for the plasma. One goal is to control the lateral functionalization of advanced materials and other objective, is the discovering of new plasma catalysis processes that can increase selectivity and the reduction of energy consumption by plasma chemical reactions in controlled industrial processes of high added value and/or impact. It is expected for both applications, a clear advance in optimization of the industrial process.

Dielectric Barrier Discharge plasma for the developing of industrial process at atmospheric pressure (DBD-Tech)
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