Financial source:  European Union

Code:  US‐1380977

Acronym: ARCPLAS

Principal Investigator:
Ana Mª Gómez Ramírez, José Cotrino Bautista

01-01-2020/ 31-05-2023

Research team: Ana Borrás, Victor Rico. 


Work team doctors: Agustín R. González-Elipe, Joël Francois Tsoplefack, Paula de Navascués Garvín

Research team: Javier Brey Sánchez, Juan Rodríguez Archilla, Jesús Cuevas Maraver, Alberto Palmero Acevedo, Rafael Álvarez Molina

This project aims at developing gas chemical transformation processes through atmospheric pressure plasma technologies that use electricity as a direct energy vector. Specifically, the objective is to fine-tune a Plasma Atmospheric Gliding Arc Reactor (PAAD) to induce two processes of great industrial and environmental impact, such as the synthesis of ammonia (NH3) and the production of hydrogen (H2) from hydrocarbons and alcohols. 


Atmospheric Pressure Gliding-arc Plasmas for the Sustainable Production of Ammonia and Hydrogen