juntafi_19Financial source:
Junta de Andalucía
Code: P09-TEP-5283 (Proyecto de Excelencia)

Research head:
Angel Barranco Quero

3-02-2010 / 2-02-2013

Research group:
Ana Borrás, Fabián Frutos, Lola González-García, Said Hamad, S. Lago, Alberto Palmero, Carmen Ruiz-Herrero, Juan R. Sánchez-Valencia, Johan Toudert

The Nanophoton project aims the development of a novel family of materials, struc-tures and device prototypes for application in solar energy, environmental sensing and space communication technology. The starting point of the project is the research in the photonic properties of hybrid nanometric films. These functional thin films will be processed and inte-grated in optical structures. The project encompasses fundamental molecular simulation studies, the development of novel nanometric functional structures, the study of suitable processing/integration procedures and the validation of prototype devices. These devices will be of three kinds: photonic gas sensors, detectors insensitive to the angle of detection for diffuse optical communications and photovoltaic cells. An interesting characteristic of the Nanophoton technology will be its fully compatibility with the current optoelectronic and microelectronic industrial manufacturing processes.

Polymeric and hybrid nanocomposite thin films for photonic and photovoltaic applications (NANOPHOTON)
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