juntafi_19Financial source:
Junta de Andalucía
Code: P09-CTS-5189 (Proyecto de Excelencia)

Research head:
Agustín R. González-Elipe

3-02-2010 / 2-02-2013

Research group:
José Cotrino Bautista, Rafael Alvarez Molina, Carmen López Santos, Jorge Gil Rostra, Antonia Terriza Fernández

OSTEOMEM aims at developing disposable and biodegradable membranes for bone regeneration to be use in chirurgic oral and maxillofacial implants for the treatment of defects. During the healing of the bone defects, membranes must simultaneously preserve the formation of soft tissues and promote the filling of the hole by the new bone, so that, after the reabsorption of the membrane, the structure of tissues would be similar to that prior to the chirurgical intervention. To achieve that, the membranes should degrade within the body in a period of four-six months, thus avoiding the need of a second intervention required to remove non-biodegradable membranes. It is expected that the membranes developed in the project are comparable to that of animal membranes and avoid the problems associated with the use of these latter.

Development of bones regeneration membranes modified at nanometric scale (OSTEOMEM)
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